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  1. Alex, thanks for the mention of the U-12s. It’s confusing (because US Soccer), but this U-12 was an 05 Pre-Academy team, mostly. 04 U-12 Academy could not play, except for our four 05 players. The 7v7 format with a deep offside line was completely new for all the boys who play either play 9v9 (Academy) or 11v11 (Pre-Academy) as Bay Area has been slow to adopt 7v7. We were also in the group of death with FC Dallas, Villarreal and Philly (really big and talented). In a different group, we would have expected a better result.

    Overall our U-12 04 Academy team has done well this Academy year, even after promoting our best players to U-13.

    1. Alex Morgan says:

      Thanks for the note! I’ll update the article to reflect those facts. Would it be ok to contact you via twitter for weekly updates on the U-12s?

      1. Hi Alex, I do post the U-12 Academy game results on my Twitter account every week. The definitive source for Quakes Academy results for any age group is at http://sjeq.ussoccerda.com/home.php. Contact me on email for some additional info that is useful to understand about the unique U-12 US Development Academy format.

        1. Alex Morgan says:

          Awesome, thanks! Happy to be able to give the academy more exposure in the media.

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